Premier Lacrosse League

Access to live scores, news, highlights, community and fantasy lacrosse.

Branding, Design, Product

2023 - Ongoing

01 Intro

In this comprehensive redesign of the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) app, our goal was to elevate the user experience, catering to the community of lacrosse fans. The overhaul was not just a facelift but a strategic reinvention to enhance engagement, accessibility, and interaction within the app. A crucial UI/UX decision was the implementation of a clean, intuitive interface that streamlined navigation while maintaining depth in content accessibility. Recognizing the diverse needs of our user base, we established a robust design system and style guide that ensured consistency across the app, enhancing usability while fostering a unique visual identity that resonates with the dynamic spirit of lacrosse.

02 Gamification

PLL Nation

The introduction of PLL Nation within the app was driven by a strategic initiative to gamify the fan experience, fostering a deeper engagement with the league. We understood that a sense of progression and achievement could significantly enhance user retention and activity. To this end, we designed a tiered XP system that not only rewards fan loyalty but also encourages daily interaction through achievable, engaging tasks. A key UX decision was the creation of a visual progress tracker, allowing users to easily see their status, upcoming rewards, and how they compare to others in the PLL community. This integration of gamification principles was aimed at transforming passive viewership into an active, rewarding community experience.

03 Weekly Fantasy

Our Weekly Fantasy feature was crafted to deepen fan engagement through interactive competition. Understanding that fantasy sports could significantly increase time spent in the app, we designed a user-friendly interface that simplifies team creation within a salary cap system. This encourages strategic thinking and repeat interaction. To enhance UX, we incorporated clear, real-time feedback on player performance and leaderboard standings, making the experience both intuitive and immersive. We also facilitated social interaction by enabling users to create private groups or join public leagues, fostering a sense of community and rivalry that keeps fans coming back.

04 Chat

Recognizing the need for a more connected fan community, we introduced a Chat feature designed to break down the barriers between fans. Through UX research, we identified that fans sought more interactive ways to discuss and share their passion for the PLL. Our design focused on creating a seamless chat interface that supports various fan-driven topics and private groups for favorite teams. This not only enhanced the community feeling but also addressed user feedback for more personalized communication channels within the app. By prioritizing ease of use and relevance of conversations, we fostered a stronger, more engaged fan community.