Replacing the Silicon Valley Intro

As a marketing piece for Rabil Tour 2018, we decided to replace the buildings in the TV Series, Silicon Valley, intro. Here’s my process for replacing the buildings that make up the words, “Silicon Valley”.

First I removed the buildings and used the patch tool to recreate most of the map.

Using the 3D tool, I created the text, “Rabil Tour” and positioned it correctly on the plane.

Next, I used a layer mask to hide the bottom of the new buildings behind the originalĀ buildings below.

Create a stroke around the letters by using the magic wand tool and creating a new layer.

Now it was time to work on the windows. I selected one side of a building at a time, filled it with the window color and then added vertical lines.

Next, I created horizontal lines that were parallel with the angles of each building side.

I then repeated this process for each building, using the letters as curve masks for certain buildings.

Finally. I added shadows to each building side to create a more realistic scene.

As a bonus, I replaced the HP logo with the Rabil Tour Logo.

I chose to keep all the windows the same unlike the original just because I was on a time deadline, but you could certainly change up the colors and window types on the buildings.