Redstone Gateway

Redstone Gateway is more than an office park. It’s a community, where the brightest minds come together to create the future.

Design, Development, Web

2019 - 2022

01 Intro

Working with an agency to develop the brand for a Corporate Office Park whose tenants are high-tech and in the defense industry was a challenge. The agency created a brand that reflected the cutting-edge technology of the tenants, while also conveying a sense of security and reliability to match the needs of the defense industry. The final result was a strong and modern brand that effectively conveyed the image of a technology-focused, secure business environment.

02 Website

To match this new branding, we designed and developed a website that showcased the park’s features, amenities and technology offerings, further reinforcing the brand’s position as a leader in the high-tech, defense industry.

03 Uncommon Access Podcast

Leading an agency in Huntsville, AL to plan, design, schedule and produce Uncommon Access was an exciting opportunity. The podcast focused on showcasing Huntsville’s thought leaders and their insights on trending topics surrounding defense, business and the future of work in the region. The goal was to discuss and explore ideas that would shape the future of the city. The agency worked closely with local experts and influencers to develop engaging content that was both informative and entertaining. The end result was a high-quality podcast that offered valuable insights into the future of work and business in Huntsville. To further integrate the podcast into the branding efforts, it was built into the website, creating a seamless user experience and reinforcing Redstone Gateway’s position as a thought leader in the region.