An all-inclusive workday destination in Columbia, MD

Branding, Design, Development, Web

2020 - 2022

01 Intro

Developing a brand for a yet-to-be-built office environment is a unique and exciting opportunity for our team to showcase our branding expertise. Our team worked closely with the design team to understand their goals and desired aesthetic, and we use this information to guide the design process. In this particular project, our focus was on creating a brand that embodied a modern bohemian vibe with clean lines and a nature-inspired aesthetic.

02 Branding

The logo features natural line elements in a modern, minimalistic style, striking the perfect balance between nature and modern design. The warm and neutral color palette, inspired by the earth, creates a calming and serene environment. The brand evokes a feeling of calm and serenity, while also being stylish and on-trend, appealing to a wide range of people. The clean, sans-serif font used for text elements adds a modern touch to the design. The final result is a unique and seamless blend of natural, bohemian, and modern elements, creating a brand that truly represents the office space and its values.

03 Website

The website’s design is clean and modern, incorporating the nature-inspired, modern bohemian aesthetic of the brand. The user experience is seamless, allowing potential tenants to easily navigate the site and learn more about the office space. Our team’s ability to seamlessly integrate the brand into the website design, combined with its user-friendly and search-engine-optimized nature, made it a powerful tool for attracting and converting potential tenants. This project showcases our ability to effectively integrate branding into all aspects of the marketing and sales strategy.

04 Digital Content

Creating a successful social media campaign for a new office space brand requires a deep understanding of the brand and its target audience. Our team was able to effectively translate the nature-inspired, modern bohemian aesthetic of the brand into engaging social media content that resonated with potential tenants. The social media campaign we developed included a mix of visually stunning graphics and thought-provoking copy that highlighted the unique features and benefits of the office space. Our team also leveraged popular social media platforms, such as Instagram and LinkedIn, to reach a wider audience and drive engagement. The social media campaign was designed to build excitement and interest in the office space, and it successfully generated a buzz among potential tenants. This project showcases our team’s exceptional social media marketing skills and our ability to effectively promote a brand through engaging and impactful content.